A house with a stone wall and bushes in front of it.

Custom Homes

Custom Homes

John Hammer Construction brings passionate craftsmanship to your new home. We are a custom home builder serving Salem, Oregon, and greater Willamette Valley. Our mission is to help you transform your ideas into a brilliant reality. Designing and building your new custom home can be an overwhelming journey. We are dedicated to the idea that our clients deserve to see their dream homes become a reality as painlessly as possible.

Curb Appeal

Your new custom home will be a welcome sight every time you drive down your street. We'll customize the architectural style to reflect your personal tastes and complement the surrounding neighborhood. We want your neighbors to be just as thrilled with your house as you are. When you simply love every line and angle of the design, you'll feel proud to pull into your driveway every day.

Superb Neighborhoods

Our custom homes are designed to fit gracefully into existing neighborhoods. Your new surroundings, in turn, should offer a pleasant streetscape with well-maintained yards and public spaces. Whether you want a serene rural site on acreage with winding driveways and outbuildings, or a thriving urban environment, we'll help you find the perfect place.

Better Livability

When you walk through your door and into your home, you should feel welcome. Light-filled spaces, easy access from room to room, and warm gathering places for family and friends make all the difference. Before we ever settle on a particular design, we'll talk to you about what you want from your house.

Should your kitchen be a bustling gathering place for cooking and conversation or a spectacular chef's retreat? Should your main living space offer a stone fireplace and timber beams? Will your master suite serve as a luxurious retreat from everyday stress? Do you need a mahogany-lined den lined with books? Do you need your home wired to go wireless? Comfortable livability is the hallmark of blending interior design and architectural elements into a reflection of your lifestyle. Our goal is to get to know you well enough to build a home that suits you perfectly.

Lasting value

Lasting value begins with a reasonable purchase price and builds through the years because of smart choices made before you break ground. Harmonious design, easy maintenance, and fine fixtures and finishes produce a home that holds its value. John Hammer Construction has won numerous awards and accolades for our quality craftsmanship and forward-thinking design work. We ensure our homeowners benefit from the latest products and practices aimed at energy efficiency, sustainability, and healthy indoor air quality, so when the time comes to sell, your John Hammer Construction home will pay you back many times over for making good decisions at the start.

The journey from idea to reality begins when you contact John Hammer Construction. From the first time we meet until the day you turn the key to open your front door, we'll work hard to always exceed your expectations.